We are proud of the history of Electronic Audio Systems Ltd and we thought that you might like to know where we have come from.


Electronic Audio Systems Ltd was formed by Mr Eric Sawkins in 1988.

Prior to this Eric had served an electronics engineering apprenticeship with Marconi at Chelmsford and then worked for various UK Public Address manufacturers and designers.

Eric has always supported the various Trade Associations that have represented the UK industry that he served. In the mid 1980s Eric was a Board Memmber of the Association of Public Address Engineers, as was Brian Latham.


Together with the other Board Memebers they brought that association up to date with the formation of the Sound and Communications Industries Federation (SCIF).  Since then the commercial arm of SCIF has been incorporated within PLASA and education and standards arm is now served by the Institute of Sound and Communications Engineers Ltd.



Between 1984 and 2011 Eric has personally designed and, with his team of engineers, installed over 380 sound systems in churches, community centres, offices, factories, leisure centres, industrial and retail premises. Each system being designed personally to meet with the client's requirements.

Since their meeting in the 1980s Eric and Brian kept in touch and when Eric decided in 2011 to retire Brian was deighted to have the opportunity to continue the company. In December 2011 the company was transferred to Wendover in Buckinghamshire where Brian continues to support the company's valued customers and seek new ones.


 Brian & Eric shaking hands on the transfer

After leaving school Brian served an apprentiship with the GPO (now BT) and worked for them for 13 years. 

During that time he developed his interest in the design of sound systems and he formed his first company "Sound Advice" in 1974.